Mario Kart: Double Dash!! News

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! News

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Mario Kart Double Dash!! All 16 Stages 4 player Netplay Versus 150cc Races 2 60fps

Best viewed in 60 fps. Timestamps are below. I’m player 1, Mark is player 2, MrMario is player 3 and CaptainPawn is player 4. This is my second video featuring all 16 stages in this game. Because this was played online, there was originally some lag, although it doesn’t show up in the video. Originally played on ‎07/21/2020.
Title: 00:00
Luigi Circuit 00:55
Peach Beach 3:03
Baby Park 5:02
Dry Dry Desert 7:00
Mushroom Bridge 9:45
Mario Circuit 11:58
Daisy Cruiser 14:31
Waluigi Stadium 17:12
Sherbet Land 20:03
Mushroom City 22:19
Yoshi Circuit 25:05
DK Mountain 28:00
Wario Colosseum 30:55
Dino Dino Jungle 34:13
Bowser’s Castle 37:04
Rainbow Road 41:03

HUGE News For Mario Kart!

Cool Bits – Mario Kart: Double Dash’s Secret Connected World
Cool Bits: Did you know the world in Mario Kart: Double Dash is connected like in Mario Sunshine? This means you can actually see landmarks from other racetracks in the background while racing! Such as DK Mountain from Baby Park, or Mushroom City from Mushroom Bridge! We take a look at them all in our longest Cool Bits yet!

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Is Mario Kart Double Dash The BEST Mario Kart?