PS5 Games: Which Are Full Exclusives And Which Are Timed

PS5 Games: Which Are Full Exclusives And Which Are Timed

Here’s a list of every PlayStation 5 game Sony recently revealed and whether it is a timed-console exclusive or not.

15 PS5 Games With ABSOLUTELY INSANE Graphics So Far

The PlayStation 5 is almost a year old and has already seen quite the graphical journey thus far. There’s even more to come though so join us as we look at 15 titles on the console with the best visuals thus far.

From upcoming titles which have showcased in-game visuals to upgraded PS4 titles that shine even more on PS5, there’s quite the roster to choose from.

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Despite a decade’s eulogy and negativity decreeing single player games as dying, there’re a raft of quality single player experiences to be had on PS5. Several of the games in this rundown are remasters and remakes, sure, but with PS5’s enhanced visual prowess, DualSense controllers, and 3D audio, those games from older generations, polished and reimagined, have never played better.

For clarity’s sake, the games chosen in this rundown are as close to PlayStation 5 exclusive as possible. Of course, Sony is releasing many games on PC nowadays too, but for the avoidance of doubt none of the game’s featured here are playable on Microsoft or Nintendo consoles.

Top 15 Best PS5 Games to Play Right Now

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